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Rebecca Nieto attended a specialist sexual offences training course

November 2012

On 24th November 12 Rebecca Nieto attended a specialist CPS rape list accredited sexual offences training course hosted by the South Eastern Circuit. There were a variety of renowned speakers who concentrated on honing practitioners’ skills including how to to deal with hearsay and s.41 matters in respect of sexual offences. The course also explored the use of intermediaries and ‘extra special’ measures. Rebecca has a blossoming practice in the field of sexual offences and frequently undertakes training to keep up with the rapidly evolving landscape in the intricate area of law.

Her practice in respect of sexual offences has included defending in sensitive and difficult matters such as indecent images, child rape and grooming cases.

Alun Jones secures release of the former Iranian ambassador to Jordan

November 2012

After extradition proceedings of 6 years, Alun Jones secured the release of Nosratollah Tajik, a former Iranian ambassador to Jordan, accused in the USA of conspiring to export night vision goggles from the USA to Iran. The High Court discharged him on 27 November 2012 on the ground of unreasonable delay by the USA and Home Office. Mr Tajik is the only Muslim to defeat a US extradition request for terrorist or political offences since the Extradition Act 2003 came into force.

Thom Dyke article published in The Lawyer

November 2012

Thom Dyke has written an article for The Lawyer entitled ‘Why Cameron has got it wrong on judicial review reform’. Published on 23 November 2012, the full article can be read here.


Great James Street Announce Two New Members

November 2012

We are delighted to announce that Elizabeth Lambert and Rebecca Nieto have joined chambers from 7 Bell Yard. Two highly skilled advocates who bring added strength & depth to our criminal team.

Alun Jones ranked in top band by Chambers and Partners

November 2012

Alun Jones is ranked by Chambers and Partners (2013) in the top band for his expertise in extradition law.

Great James Street supporting Carmelite Chambers at charity event

October 2012

Great James Street Chambers had a wonderful time supporting Carmelite Chambers at the charity boxing event 19th October 2012. We look forward to the next event.
GJS thank Kingsley Napley, IKP, Saunders Law, Forresters and Haslaw & Co for assisting in our support.

Alun Jones QC: Hamza should have been tried here

October 2012

Alun Jones QC writes in The Independent 11th October 2012:

Why was Abu Hamza extradited to the US for crimes he is alleged to have committed in this country? We asked, repeatedly, why no prosecution had been instituted in the UK, but were never given an answer. The position is plain. Our prosecutors say, if the Americans want to try someone, that’s fine by us. When an extradition request comes, we just defer to it. So no difficult questions are left to resolve about whether evidence obtained from a “co-operating” witness arises from unacceptable treatment, or a cooperation agreement so draconian as to amount to duress.

In extradition law, unless some abuse in the preparation of a case is obvious, the “presumption of good faith” – part of the theology of extradition law – prevents inquiry by our courts. Nearly five years ago, the US Attorney General, unusually, complained about the delay in Hamza’s case, indicating that the passage of time might fatally undermine the prosecution case. Whether the case is still triable, who knows? How is the public interest served by all this? The Home Office reaction to the final attempts by Abu Hamza, and the others whose extradition was sought by the US, was to treat this long-running blot on our system as a test of political will. Our approach should be less muscular.

If persons are accused of committing serious crimes in or from this country, we should normally try them here. That is what independent and robust criminal justice systems do. And delay will be avoided. We should not sub-contract their cases to other, more powerful states. The defence witnesses of Abu Hamza, and of Babar Ahmad and Talha Ahsan, accused of facilitating terrorism from their desks in London and in custody for six or seven years, live here. Their computers and documents are here. If guilty, they are a menace here. If not guilty, they should be exonerated here. The arguments for UK trials are the same as for Gary McKinnon, the Natwest Three and others whose cases, not involving terrorism, have given rise to public concern. Rumour has it that the Government may soon be susceptible to a change in the law to protect UK nationals such as Gary McKinnon. There is no reason to exclude those accused of terrorism.

Alun Jones QC represented Abu Hamza in the extradition proceedings.

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Alun Jones QC today represented Abu Hamza al-Masri in the High Court

October 2012

Alun Jones QC today represented Abu Hamza al-Masri in the High Court.

Click here to view the BBC news article.


Alun Jones ranked as leading silk in fraud

September 2012

Alun Jones has once again been ranked as a leading silk in fraud in the recently published Legal 500.

View Alun’s full profile here

Charity event success

August 2012

Chambers first event in support of the Rainbow Trust childrens charity was a great success. Reg Harris, representing chambers from G.T.Stewart solicitors wins the trickshot challenge!