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Chambers congratulates…

March 2013

Chambers congratulate member Thom Dyke and squatter Laura Herbert on attaining levels 2 and 1 respectively in the recent round of CPS external advocates applications.

Thom Dyke on the Vicky Pryce case in The Times

March 2013

Great James Street barrister Thom Dyke has written for The Times on the Vicky Pryce case – ‘Is marital coercion defence an anachronism?’, The Times Law, 7 March 2013

Thom is also quoted in The Times article ‘Call for Pryce’s ‘medieval defence’ of marital coercion to be scrapped’, The Times, 7 March 2013

“Thom Dyke, a criminal and human rights barrister, said that could see a rise in use — but one that would be matched by an increase in legal challenges. The defence, he said, harked back to the “darker days of gender equality” — it was “deeply anachronistic”.