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Shannon Revel secures acquittal

July 2016

Shannon Revel has successfully secured the acquittal of a man charged with assaulting a police officer with intent to resist arrest following a 4 day trial at Harrow Crown Court.

The defendant was charged with causing an injury to the foot of the police officer whilst resisting arrest in an aggressive rage. Mr Stewart had been CS gassed and suffered multiple injuries at the hands of the police officers including a punctured lung and broken rib. Shannon cross examined the officers, advancing that they had fabricated and exaggerated evidence in order to justify their own brutality against the Defendant.

The jury returned a not guilty verdict after deliberating for 1hr 45 mins

New tenant Shannon Revel’s successful appeal

July 2016

Shannon Revel successfully prosecutes in an appeal against a destruction order in relation to 2 dangerous dogs after an attack on a trio of 12 year old boys.

One of the boys spent 4 nights in Southampton General Hospital and needed a walking frame and wheelchair whilst in recovery, all three have recently been commended for their bravery at the Police Awards Ceremony.

Shannon Revel explained to the court that this was not the first time that the dogs had escaped and a concern for future attacks was raised. The Judge dismissed the appeal and the destruction order was upheld.


Thom Dyke appointed to LAA adjudication panel

July 2016

Following a recommendation by the Chief Executive of the Legal Aid Agency (“LAA”) to the Minister for Legal Aid, Shailesh Vara MP, Thom has been appointed as an Independent Funding Adjudicator and Costs Assessor (“IFCA”).

As an IFCA, Thom will decide on appeals brought against the refusal of legal aid funding and assessment of costs. The appointment runs from 01 July 2016 for a period of two years. The National Appeals Review Panel was created by the LAA in 2013, with the aim of improving the consistency of decision making.

Thom regularly advises both professional and lay clients on the funding and costs issues which can arise in private and publicly funded cases. He has experience of challenging decisions on appeal, either by way of judicial review, or to the Senior Courts Costs Office (“SCCO”).

Julius Nkafu speaks about OHADA and arbitration

July 2016

Julius Nkafu from Great James Street Chambers, a member of Association for the Promotion of Arbitration in Africa ( APAA), spoke at a breakfast meeting organised by White and Case Solicitors LLP on the 29/06/2016 on Africa. He spoke about OHADA and how it has influenced arbitration in Africa. The opportunities and challenges, mentioning the recently signed agreement between ICC and OHADA as a really positive thing. Julius spoke about the recent Getma International v. Republic of Guinea case and pointed out that the court was correct to set aside the award. He spoke about the work of APAA in promoting arbitration in Africa. Julius said Brexit was a very bad idea but it has both positive and negative consequences for Africa but not for long. It will be business as usual in most of Africa and a small shock to countries whose currencies are pegged to the Euro.