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Shannon Revel successfully argues against the forfeiture of cash seized at Heathrow

October 2016

Shannon Revel has successfully argued against the forfeiture of cash seized at Heathrow Airport under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 and secured an order for the return of the cash to her client.

The Respondent was stopped at Heathrow Airport in 2015 having failed to declare $22,131 and €10,586 in cash hidden in a magazine in his carry on luggage. The cash was seized and the Commissioner applied for forfeiture of the cash on the basis that it was the product of or intended for criminal activity, namely money laundering.

Shannon cross examined the case officer on failings in the investigation into the source of the cash. Shannon successfully argued that the no inference of money laundering should be drawn from lies told about the existence of the funds in light of a clear explanation given about the source and destination of the cash. The respondent will now have his cash returned, along with the interest accrued since seizure as compensation