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David Langwallner secures acquittal

April 2018

In R v Jama and others David secured an acquittal in a GBH at Harrow crown court in a trial where counsel was discharged and he had to take over part heard after the prosecution case had effectively closed.

The case involved complex evaluation of DNA expert reports, identification evidence and complex fact management in a multi hander.

The client was convicted of the lesser charge of affray.

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Shannon Revel appointed to CPS Specialist Fraud Panel

April 2018

Shannon Revel has been appointed to the CPS Specialist Fraud Panel at Level 3. Shannon’s expertise in this field involves prosecuting and defending in complex and challenging Fraud cases in court, requiring the assimilation and reduction of evidence for clients and juries. Shannon advises the CPS, Solicitors and lay clients in Fraud matters from the early stages through to acquittal or sentence. Her appointment to the panel is effective immediately and runs for a duration of four years.

Peter Lange retained by Finks Motorcycle Group to prevent the making of novel orders

April 2018

Peter Lange was instructed by the Finks Motorcycle Group to oppose the making of Serious Crime Prevention Orders under legislation not previously used in Australia against a number of its members.

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