Alun Jones QC secures acquittal for Robert Clark

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Alun Jones represented Robert Clark at a three-week abuse of process hearing before a High Court at the CCC this month, and secured his discharge. The case was the lead prosecution in 1999 in the Metropolitan Police investigation into alleged widespread police corruption. Having represented Clark at the original trial, at which he was convicted of two groups of corruption charges, Alun Jones appealed unsuccessfully to the Court of Appeal against conviction, and unsuccessfully petitioned the House of Lords and European Court on Human Rights.

After a seven-year investigation the Criminal Cases Review Commission referred the case to the Court of Appeal. Alun Jones represented both Robert Clark and Christopher Drury at the appeal, having advised them informally while serving their sentences. The appeal was allowed, on the ground of serious non-disclosure of material at the trial, but a limited retrial ordered. The appeal papers ran to 40,000 pages. Finally, on 19 October, the prosecution abandoned the attempt at a retrial and Clark and Drury were acquitted and vindicated after 12 years.

Alun Jones is now representing various other former officers convicted in the 1999-2000 series of trials.

October 2011