Pupillage Policy

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Great James Street chambers operates the following policy regarding pupillage.

Chambers and Areas of Work:

Chambers was founded in January 2005. We hope to continue a steady growth over the next few years. Our core areas of work are Commercial Crime, General & Serious Crime, Extradition, Mutual Legal Assistance, Confiscation, Immigration, Administrative Law, Disciplinary Tribunals, Licensing, Family and Civil Litigation. We currently have three pupil masters and will be offering a Criminal Pupillage.

Pupillage Recruitment:

Applications should be made direct to chambers marked for the attention of the Pupillage Secretary. We are not a member of OLPAS but are happy to receive applications by e-mail as well as by post.

All applications received will be gathered and short listed to approximately 10-15 applicants who will be invited for interview. The interviews will be conducted in chambers with 2 or 3 members of chambers and/or the Senior Clerk. Candidates may be asked to return for a second interview with the same or different members in attendance.

The Successful applicant & Pupil Supervisors:

The successful applicant will be offered a 12 month funded pupillage at £6,000 for the first six months, and a guaranteed income of £1,000 per month for the second six months. Pupils will be asked to pay 8% chambers contribution on any earnings received form the start of their second six months. Chambers reserves the right to withhold installments or payments and to request repayment of payment should there be an early termination of pupillage.

Pupils will be assigned to a “Pupil Supervisor” and where possible will have a different supervisor per six month period. Pupils will work at a desk in their supervisors room, not on their own. Pupils will not be expected to pay for any travel or accommodation expenses when accompanying their supervisors to court or conferences.