Julius Nkafu Lecture

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The British Immigration policy is killing Africa’s prosperity as it is based on attracting only skilled employees from outside the European Union and in particular from Africa. This clearly cause a ” brain drain” in Africa which cancels out the British international aid support. One of the ways by which the policy does it this is through the point based system and the Highly Skilled Programmes which allow only young and very qualified professionals to come to the UK. The policy makes it extremely easy for a young qualified medical Doctor for example from Africa to come and work in the UK and thereafter settle in the UK. It costs a lot of money for any country in Africa to train a medical Doctor and upon completion, without giving anything back to the country, the policy actively encourages the young Doctor to migrate into the UK. A simple solution could include a condition that a newly qualified Doctor in Africa works in their country of origin for at least three years before they are allowed to come and work in the UK.


September 2015