Julius Nkafu speaks about OHADA and arbitration

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Julius Nkafu from Great James Street Chambers, a member of Association for the Promotion of Arbitration in Africa ( APAA), spoke at a breakfast meeting organised by White and Case Solicitors LLP on the 29/06/2016 on Africa. He spoke about OHADA and how it has influenced arbitration in Africa. The opportunities and challenges, mentioning the recently signed agreement between ICC and OHADA as a really positive thing. Julius spoke about the recent Getma International v. Republic of Guinea case and pointed out that the court was correct to set aside the award. He spoke about the work of APAA in promoting arbitration in Africa. Julius said Brexit was a very bad idea but it has both positive and negative consequences for Africa but not for long. It will be business as usual in most of Africa and a small shock to countries whose currencies are pegged to the Euro.

July 2016