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Andrew Hallworth

Call: 2002


Andrew is a gifted linguist originally obtaining a degree in Mandarin Chinese and Japanese from Leeds University before studying law and becoming a trainee solicitor at Clifford Chance. He initially practiced in their London Hong Kong offices before moving to Shanghai in 1997 to specialize in mergers and acquisitions in the PRC. Andrew returned to the UK in 2000 and qualified as a barrister and has specialised in crime gaining experience in a varied range of work, from cases of dishonesty to those involving drugs and violence. Andrew has recently developed a strong practice in fraudprofiting from commercial and corporate experience with one of the world’s premier law firms. He has represented many Chinese clients and continues to use his Chinese language whenever possible.

Notable Cases

Homicide and Corporate Manslaughter

  • R v W (Central Criminal Court, 2007) – Murder and conspiracy to rob
  • R v M (Central Criminal Court, 2009) – Acting Junior in case of murder (Defendant acquitted of murder, and convicted of manslaughter on provocation basis)


  • R v R (Bristol, 2006)
  • R v W (Harrow, 2010)
  • R v L
  • R v H (Isleworth, 2010)

Four cases involving serious assaults with knives (acquitted of GBH in each case)


  • R v T and others (Middlesex, 2006) – Acting Junior in kidnap case (acquitted)
  • R v D (Blackfriars, 2011) – Case involving false imprisonment, conspiracy to rob and firearms (acquitted)
  • R v H and another (Southampton, 2011) – Case involving kidnap of a mother and her two children, with conspiracy to rob (acquitted)


  • R v G (Kingston, 2006)
  • R v A (Inner London, 2008)

Acting Junior in two cases concerning conspiracy to rob (the latter case involving cash-in-transit robberies)

General Crime

  • R v L (Bristol, 2007) – Affray against police (acquitted)
  • R v F and others (Hove, 2008) – Multi-handed case of aggravated burglary (acquitted) Fraud and Financial Crime
  • R v S and others (Leeds, 2009) – Acting Junior in gasoline/VAT fraud case
  • R v L and others (Croydon, 2009) – Large-scale Chinese cigarette smuggling case
  • R v T (Isleworth, 2011) – Case of blackmail concerning an ex-premier league footballer (the Defendant), with similar fact evidence led in the case (acquitted)
  • R v L (Isleworth, 2011) – Case of property fraud in breach of trust (hung jury)
  • R v A (Kingston, 2011) – Case involving the use of a false UK identity to carry out employment and mortgage fraud of approximately £900,000 (hung jury)
  • R v C and others (Lewes, 2011) – Case of large-scale cigarette smuggling and money laundering involving four Chinese nationals (awaiting trial)

Appeals and CCRC

  • R v M (Court of Appeal, 2005) – Successful appeal against conviction in a case involving one kilo of cannabis with intent to supply
  • R v D (Court of Appeal, 2008) – Successful appeal against conviction in a contempt of court case General Crime Drugs Cases: (a) Class A
  • R v S (Bristol, 2007) – Class A supply case involving DNA evidence, PII applications, and co-defendant turning Queen’s evidence (acquitted)
  • R v C (Nottingham, 2011) – Defendant was a passenger in a car under whose seat was found half a kilo of cocaine and 1,000 Valium tablets (acquitted)
  • R v L and others (Southwark, 2011) – Plea to large-scale conspiracy to supply multiple kilos of cocaine (b) Class B
  • R v S and others (Inner London, 2008) – Multi-handed conspiracy to supply large quantities of cannabis (acquitted)