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Tim Starkey

Call: 2002

Tim has a wide ranging criminal practice, split evenly between prosecution and defence work. As a level 3 prosecutor he has successfully prosecuted a number of high profile cases involving children being trafficked from West Africa into the United Kingdom. Tim is also on the CPS rape list and regularly prosecutes sexual offences including historic allegations and cases involving young children and the use of intermediaries.

In his defence work, experience of working as a police station representative has given Tim a keen understanding of the need for good client care from the start to finish of proceedings. Tim has developed particular expertise in dealing with clients with mental health problems and in relation to defences of insanity. Tim also has extensive experience of immigration offences and abuse of process arguments in relation to the prosecution of defendant’s who are themselves the victims of human trafficking (a subject on which he has given a CPD accredited seminar). Tim’s calm, persuasive manner has secured numerous acquittals, often very much against the odds!

Tim has a growing extradition practice with experience of cases involving arguments based on proportionality, passage of time, right to a re-trial, the requested person’s severe health problems and breaches of human rights in relation to prison conditions and family life.

Tim also frequently conducts taxi licence appeals and parole board hearings.


Tim has prosecuted and defended in the full range of criminal cases including human trafficking, child cruelty, serious violence, drug importation and complicated, multi-handed frauds. A Grade 3 and Rape list prosecutor he has prosecuted numerous rape trials involving gang rape, children, psychiatric issues and historic allegations. In his defence work he is valued for his thorough case preparation and client care, particularly with vulnerable defendants. He has successfully appeared in the Court of Appeal on numerous occasions both in relation to appeals against conviction and sentence.

Tim accepts instructions under direct public access and also has considerable experience of representing clients at Parole Board hearings.

Notable cases:


R v Peace Sandberg (2008), trafficking of baby for purposes of obtaining benefits (Isleworth CC).

R v Champney and Dixon (2008), S18 GBH in which complainant ended up in a coma. Clash of expert neurological evidence as to the causation of brain injury (Aylesbury CC).

R v Adeniji and Roachford (2011) and R v Ojo and Ojo (2012), both cases involving the trafficking of Nigerian children into domestic servitude in London and child cruelty (both Isleworth CC)

R v Halliday (2013) series of mortgage frauds and false representations spanning a 20 year period (Isleworth CC)

R v McIntyre (2013), sexual assault on 7 year old girl by her uncle (Isleworth CC)

R v Lambrou (2014), historic rape allegation, relating to when the complainant was 4 years old (Wood Green C C)

R v Yasin and others (2015), 3 handed aggravated burglary and firearms offences involving extensive cell site analysis evidence (Isleworth CC)

R v Tshibasu (2015), multiple historic rape allegations, relating to when the complainant was 7 years old

R v Ojo (2015), historic rape allegation, relating to when the complainant was 11 years old (Wood Green CC)

R v Vasev and Nikolov (2016), rape allegation. Extensive legal argument in relation to admissibility of forensic evidence. Clash of expert evidence in relation to interpretation of evidence relating to blood and semen

R v Kithinji and others (2016), 4 handed fraud and money laundering offences (Kingston CC)


R v Sentamu (2011) 9 handed conspiracy to defraud (Cardiff CC)

R v O (2012) rape, defence of insanity (Harrow CC)

R v Zaman (2014) assault by penetration, allegations against driving instructor of drugging and assaulting pupil. Expert psychiatric evidence in relation to credibility of the complainant’s evidence (Kingston CC)

R v Jordan (2014) multiple allegations of historic child rape dating back to 1973 (Central Criminal Court)

R v Mustafa Anacha (2015) allegation of gang rape (Kingston CC)

R v Alexandru Moldovan (2015) 10 handed money laundering conspiracy (Blackfriars CC)

Advocacy Training

  • Taught advocacy on the Bar Vocational Course at BPP Law School 2004-2007
  • Advocacy Trainer Middle Temple since 2006


  • Greek (fluent)
  • French (advanced level)