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Nick Beechey

Call: 2002


Nick specialises in criminal defence and has a wide ranging Crown Court and Appellate Court practice. He is regularly instructed for his detailed case preparation and analysis of the evidence as well as clear, straightforward advice.

His attention to detail is regularly put to good use in defending fraud and other cases where there is a large amount of technical detail. He has built up considerable experience of cases involving the use of computers in crime, not least from defending numerous cases of making and possessing indecent images. He is well versed in cases involving the interrogation of computers, mobile phones and cell site analysis. He is equally at home defending cases of violence, drug supply and the like. He has been instructed as a junior in murder trials and has acted alone in numerous multi-handed serious violence and drugs cases, money laundering and confiscation cases as well as acting in the full gamut of drugs, violence and theft cases.

Nick fully appreciates that the significance of an allegation is not necessarily measured in the seriousness of the sentence, but rather the impact that it has on a lay client’s life. No case is too small to receive his fullest attention. He has a strong court manner, is able quickly to identify key issues and an has ability to put lay clients at ease. He is particularly interested in representing those most disadvantaged in society and those who suffer drug dependency.

Away from work Nick enjoys playing cricket, riding his motorbike, skiing, photography and getting out in the countryside.


Nick has defended in many serious criminal trials, including offences of murder (as a led junior), attempted murder, s18 OAPA, fraud, conspiracy to import and supply drugs, conspiracy to steal and handle high value goods and firearms offences as well as the full range of other criminal offences.

Nick has developed a strong practice in advising on appeals against conviction and sentence where he was not the original advocate, giving clear and cogent written advice. Many of these referrals have resulted in appearances in the Court of Appeal.

Some notable cases:

R v WT, Cambridge CC. Multi-handed drugs conspiracy

R v AL, Basildon CC. Money laundering in excess of £1 million.

R v JS & another, Kingston CC. Possession of firearm with intent to endanger life, where firearm discharged.

R v MD & others, Southwark CC. Multi-handed very high value VAT cheat committed over 15 years and associated POCA.

R v LT, Inner London CC. Possession of AK47 assault rifle and over 200 rounds of ammunition.

R v RH, Blackfriars CC. Acquitted of S18 head stamping allegation.

R v OM, Blackfriars CC. Conspiracy to handle £5 million of stolen mobile phones and money laundering. Associated POCA. Acquitted of the handling conspiracy.

R v LL, Snaresbrook CC. 12 handed conspiracy to import Class A drugs.

R v RL, Inner London CC. Multi-handed trial in which this defendant was acquitted of s18 OAPA stabbing in the context of witness intimidation.

R v FO’D, Woolwich CC. Junior alone in a double attempted murder involving the shooting of 2 brothers. Pleaded to two s18 and possession of a firearm with intent. Successfully argued on sentence against a finding of dangerousness.

R v TY, Central Criminal Court. Large scale VAT fraud carried out over a 5 year period.

R v DC and others, Portsmouth CC. Conspiracy to supply 112kg of amphetamine and cocaine.

R v GC, Central Criminal Court. Conspiracy to facilitate breaches of UK immigration laws. Case stayed as an abuse of process.

R v DKM and others, Woolwich CC. Conspiracy to cultivate cannabis.

R v AK and others, Reading CC. AK and others charged with obstructing the coroner and perverting the course of justice by removing and dumping the body of a work colleague who died in a drunken accident on a building site.

R v F H and others, Maidstone CC. Led Junior in multi-handed murder arising out of ethnic tensions amongst young Afghan asylum seekers. D1 was accused by the Crown of delivering the fatal stab; H (D3) admitted delivering the fatal stab, albeit in self defence. H entered a plea to manslaughter on the basis of loss of control after 10 weeks of the Crown’s case.

R v JM, Southwark CC. Multi-handed trademark passing off case.

R v TS and others, Maidstone CC. TS was charged with evading £1.7 million duty on the
importation of cigarettes.

R v FK and others, Snaresbrook CC. Small firearms conversion ‘factory’ in an East London lock-up.

R v MR and others, Leeds CC. Conspiracy to steal £250,000 from Barclays Bank (inside job) and money laundering of proceeds.

R v JP, Woolwich CC. Aggravated burglary and robbery. Early hours of the morning broke into house, threatened occupant with knife and stole money and jewellery. Acquitted on the defence of claim of right.

R v DG, Isleworth CC. Importation of 160 kilos of cannabis. Seizure and arrest (and verbals) were featured on BBC’s ‘Cannabis: What’s the Harm?’ documentary – shown at trial.

R v IL, Inner London CC. One of the very first London alleged rioters/burglars arrested – and featured on the front page of the Evening Standard. Acquitted.

R v ADK, Southwark CC. Attempted s18 OAPA. Scandinavian chart topping rock musician accused of trying to throw his then girlfriend (rather than the TV) out of a 3rd floor hotel window.

Notable Court of Appeal cases

R v Kirk Yarboi and others [2009] EWCA Crim 2760; [2010] Cr App R (S) 40: sentencing of cash in transit robberies can be brought within the Sentencing Guidelines Council Guideline for street robbery/robbery of small businesses/less sophisticated commercial robberies. Sentence reduced.

R v Junior Clarke Lopez [2013] EWCA Crim 1744: Appeared on appeal only. Conviction quashed where original trial counsel conceded trial absence without arguing the point. Given the defendant’s case rested almost entirely on his account that his confession in interview was false, there was in this case no justification to proceed to a trial in absence. The summing up as a whole came in for significant criticism. No retrial was sought.

R v Adam Ryan [2014] EWCA Crim 2147. Appeared on appeal only. Successful appeal against the imposition of an IPP (for robbery) where the appellant was 7 years over tariff.

R v Roberts & others [2016] EWCA Crim 71. Appeared on appeal only for two of thirteen conjoined appeals before the Lord Chief Justice concerning appeals against the imposition of IPPs brought by appellants still serving a significant number of years past tariff.

Professional Memberships

  • Criminal Bar Association
  • Fraud Lawyers Association


  • BVC, College of Law
  • BA (Hons) Law, University of Sussex
  • King’s School, Canterbury